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TR250 project anyone?? (1968)


Just in from Canada, I have a late build TR250 for sale, numbers are very close so could be described as a “matching numbers” car!! Lots of work already done, the chassis is finished with anti roll bars either end, it looks to have been poly bushed and I can’t see any signs of damage, all parts (diff etc seem to have been overhauled and are clean, adjustable brackets fitted to rear arms, the body is on the car and in bare metal so not hiding anything, still work to do here, mainly tidying up welds, there are two good wings and two average wings on it, one door has a new skin other is fine, boot lid great bonnet has had some minor damage beaten out and will go again, it’s got a new front panel and rear deck extensions front and back on both sides, it’s sat on a set of period Cosmic wheels with oversize tyres. From rough calculations there is well over £2k in new parts, it has a new hood, wiring loom, stainless exhaust and a variety of other bits, add that to what’s been fitted on the chassis and there are big savings against starting from scratch.

In summary this is a great project, the shell and chassis are far better than the one I’m restoring (now ) was when I started, all rust and rot has already been dealt with albeit not all finished.

The engine is sat in the car and has been fully rebuilt, it’s attached to a “J” type o/d box, all major components are with the car.

All papers are with the car to register (very easy now), I’m looking for sensible offers based on £13k, if interested PM me for contact details

The car is in Nottingham


Send enquiry to Thomas Allardice



  • Category: Cars
  • Model: TR250
  • Year: 1968
  • County: Nottinghamshire

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