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NOW SOLD TR2 un-plated bonnet or boot lid hinge.


Sitting in my garage for many years. Unobtainable new. TR2 un-plated bonnet or boot lid hinge. Spare item that I never used myself. An ideal item for someone restoring a TR2 with correct painted hinges, or for a TR2 where a chrome hinge has been over-painted and the paint has not adhered well. If you have tried to remove the chrome from a later hinge you will appreciate this correct item! Condition of threads for studs unknown. Usable studs currently fitted. I believe it is a bonnet hinge rather than a boot hinge, being approx 184 mm long. However please check yourself before purchasing as I no longer have my TR2 to compare it against, so I am guessing. If you were sitting in the driving seat looking forwards, the largest part of the hinge tilts to the right.The hinge pin is not lose so I assume the item is probably unused but I cannot guarantee this.

No warranty given nor implied and no guarantee of serviceability implied. Sold as seen.

For collection near Huntingdon Cambs, or will post at extra cost.

Thank you for your interest.

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  • Category: Parts
  • Model: TR2

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