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TR4A wanted please by private and appreciative individual. Sound but scruffy is fine. -


Hello., I'm looking for a TR4A or TR4 - in the £8 to 10,000 price band. I would prefer an IRS car with overdrive for touring but would be happy with a TR4 with O/D.

Yes, I do know that very presentable TR prices now tend to be a bit more than that, but that's all I can afford - so I'll be glad to accept 'a little scuffy' example and to spend my own time to steadily improve her ( a rolling restoration).

I honestly don't mind left or right hand drive, nor do I really mind what colour. Wiring faults and the interior are not such an issue if the rest of the car is otherwise sound.

She must be driveable and structurally sound or else easily made legally road-worthy by someone with a little mechanical and electrical knowledge. NB. I can recommission a car that has not been used for a long while, but I do need one that is all together to use as is

Non-Original or other 'alterations', and possibly even fibreglass external panels might be considered OK ..if otherwise the structure and mechanicals are in good condition. Sorry but I cannot take on a car that has been poorly welded or otherwise badly patched.

If you know of such a car, and you or the owner feels it really deserves to be loved and steadily improved while being used & enjoyed ..and its tale shared with other enthusiasts through my TR Register scribblings - then please do get in touch.

Thank you for your kind consideration. Peter - Suffolk o7958 100 633 or o1473 785 070.

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  • Category: Wanted
  • Model: TR4 / TR4A
  • County: Suffolk

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