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Download the App for Apple Devices - click here

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About the App

The TR Register European Breakdown directory has been a long-valued resource and benefit of membership for many years. The old A5 printed booklet is still available to download and print from the members’ area of the Club website. However, the print format has become increasingly labour intensive and costly to keep up to date and members have demanded a more dynamic way of accessing the data on the move. Responding to that, the TR Register has launched the latest European Breakdown Directory as a mobile app, with a few more exciting additions and features as well.

What does the TR Register European Breakdown App do?

The TR Register European Breakdown App helps you find a garage nearby that can fix your TR in an emergency, wherever in Europe you may be – including the UK. These garages have been tried and tested by the TR Register community and the data verified by regional representatives of the Club. Plus, with extra features and benefits, you can keep all your emergency numbers for breakdown and health insurance handy, keep a track of your TR’s maintenance and record mileage, journeys and routes then share that information with your friends!

How do I download the TR Register European Breakdown App?

Simply search for ‘TR Register’ on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for Android. Click to download the app.

Once it downloads and installs, simply open the app and begin by creating your user account. Registration includes giving consent for the app to hold your data, such as current location, but this data will never be shared with any third-party organisations.

Download the App for Apple devices - click here
Download the App for Android devices - click here

How the data is verified

All reviews, ratings and new garage submissions including subsequent suggested edits need to be approved by an admin before they are visible on the app. Those admins are recruited from the TR Register regions to which the data applies, using the European TR Register Club community to aggregate and approve the data. To that end suggested changes, additions and reviews are therefore first approved by assigned administrators so there will be a short delay between submission and it appearing on the App.

How much data does it contain?

At launch, we have details of 409 TR-related garages, in 21 countries across Europe including 64 in the UK.

How do I use it? A quick tour … 

Once downloaded and you have registered your account, you will be presented by the welcome screen. Click the menu tab to access the main menu. Here you will see the various functions and options that can be selected by tapping each one.

My Profile 

Add your personal details here and the information you need handy for your trip. No need for scraps of paper in the glovebox! The data is encrypted and secure. Keep a log of health insurance policy numbers, phone numbers, booking references and other handy information and use the Notes section to write memos for your trip, such as ferry times or names of contacts to ask for at destinations for example.

Find Garage

Click here to open the list of garages nearby to your current location. Toggle between list view and map view and select a garage you would like to navigate to or contact for more information, contacts or directions. Here you can see all the information and detail on the garage such as facilities, website and contact names. You can also suggest an edit if you feel the data needs more detail or is out of date.

My Trips 

This feature will be familiar to anyone who has ever used the cycling app ‘Strava’. It’s effectively a more basic version of that allowing you to record car details and trips. Those trips are recorded against your maintenance mileage but also are plotted on a Google map for you to share later with friends and family. It’s the answer at last to that question, “Which route did you take to the hotel?” or “Can you talk me through the route you took?”

Data includes total mileage and time and can be manually started to ensure you only record the trips you want to record.

Add Garage 

The power of the app is that all its users can contribute to the data it holds. If you have found, or know of, a garage that can help TRs somewhere in Europe, from basic repairs to full-blown restoration, then add them here. All the data will be followed up and verified by a local area representative from the TR Register.

Call Insurance

A quick shortcut to calling TR Register insurance or breakdown/recovery from any location at home or abroad.

Join the Club 

If you are a paid user and would like to become a member of the TR Register Car Club to access the app for free plus all the other benefits of Club membership including TR Action magazine, then click here and you will be ported off to sign up or renew your membership.

Find a Local Contact 

This links you to the current pages on the TR Register website that show Local Groups in the UK and affiliated clubs across Europe, for when a club contact might be what you need, rather than a garage.

How will the app be maintained?

The TR Register will commission the on-going maintenance and bug fixes for the app and will look to continue to develop new products and features within it over the coming years. The income from paid downloads, licensing of the tech to third parties and potential commercial partnerships will fund the on-going development.

So, what are you waiting for, get downloading and enjoying now!

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