Tyre Pressures

Information from Michelin Technical Data of the period.
Model Original Fitment Original Pressures Original Rim Radial Fitment Radial Pressures
TR2/TR3 5.50 15 22
4J 155 SR 15 24
TR4 (Before comm. no. 23383) 5.90 15 22
4J 165 SR 15 24 32
TR4 (After comm. no. 23383) 5.90 15 20
4J 165 SR 15 22 38*
TR4 (Live Axle) 6.95 15 17 23 4.5J 165 SR 15
or 165 HR15
19 25
TR4 (I.R.S) 5.90 15 17 21 4.5J 165 SR 15
or 165 HR 15
19 23
TR5 165 HR 15 22 26 4.5J 165 HR 15 22 26
TR6 165 HR 15 TL 22 26 5.5J 165 HR 15 T/L 22 26
TR74spd. & D/H Auto. 175/70 SR 13 T/L     5/5.5J 175/70 SR 13 T/L 24 28
TR7 5spd. & D/H Manual 185/70 SR 13 T/L     5.5J 185/70 SR 13 T/L 24 28

(s) Recommended increase in pressures for sustained high speed motoring, (Remember there was no speed limit in the U.K. until the 1960's and all fitments were Crossplies) With today's Radial tyres there is no need to advise varying pressures.

* I have confirmed this marked increase in rear pressures in three separate publications, it coincides with Triumphs revised rear spring arrangement, and the pressures are correct.

All the above Radial Tyre Pressures are for the Standard Fitment i.e. that listed here, for a non-standard fitment contact the Tyre Manufacturer.

It is possible that exported TR' s were fitted with rims and tyre other than these stated here, accurate pressures need to be confirmed in the relevant country, from the relevant Tyre Manufacturer.

I was unable to confirm MICHELIN OE listed pressures for thr TR7, consequently this is left blank.

Information kindly supplied by John Morrison - Cumbria Group

We at the TR Register wish to state that whilst we are pleased to assist our readers by providing technical information, this is given on the strict understanding that no legal liability of any sort is accepted in respect thereof, by the club, company, its servants or agents.

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