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A good start to a wet July

A good start to a wet July

A good start to a wet July

We were very lucky in the weather for the run to Malvern for the International weekend, and we had a convoy of five cars. It was decided to follow our normal "Fosse Way" route, and I took my newly restored green TR2, to give it a reliability run. The Fosse Way was full of Classic cars all enjoying the warm weather, and we joined several other groups of Classic's during the journey.

The entire weekend was very enjoyable, with its mixture of Show, Shopping and some social time, Chris and Lindy coming to meet us at the Hotel.

Both Chris and myself had our cars valued, in the show, and many were interested in having the cars valued in our group, in the future. Some "wish list" parts were found, but these are becoming scarce. We met Martin and Sue at the Showground as they were camping, with their dogs, and Martin had his normal Stall of parts for sale there.

A steady run home in the warm weather on the Sunday, completed another good weekend together.

August's meeting on the first of August was dry in the evening, but this wet weather is doing its best to spoil all our outing plans. There were six T.R.'s in the car park, including James and Rita, able at last to drive his car after his eye problem. It should have been seven, as my Red TR2 broke down on the way there. I called "International Rescue" in the form of Andrew and Jackie, who were kind enough to tow me back home, so I could still go to the meeting. In Seventeen years of ownership of my car, this is the first time; it has failed to get me home. I had fitted an Electric pump, some years ago, and this suddenly stopped. This shows "do not modify these cars" and I am now returning it to a mechanical pump, and hopefully back to TR reliability.

We are hoping to have an outing on the 12th of August, if it stops raining, before then.


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