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April 2017 Meeting

April 2017 Meeting

April's Get together

The Evening meeting in early April was dry, but it is still too early in the year to really enjoy our cars in the car park, at our get together's. We had a good attendance of sixteen members, all-eager to discuss their plans for the coming year.

Our Events list was, the main subject of discussion, with Andrew suggesting two good outings for us all, for the next two months.

The run on "Drive it day" was confirmed as going to Guy Martin's Pub in Kirkmington, with us all meeting at the "Trent Port" in Gainsborough. I have had an email from "Chris" in Sheffield, who has a TR5, who wants to join us in our drive, and look forward to meeting him.

Jackie also told us all of her having booked all those wanting to go to Whitby, into the "Bag dale Hall". Many wanting to have the rooms with four poster beds, that are haunted, personally driving there in my TR2, will haunt me enough, to need a good nights sleep.

Paul and Gill wanted to have a run, when the next Sunday proved such a warm day; several of us that were available went to Andrew's and Jackie's for a Barbeque.

It was very pleasant to sit in their lovely garden, watching Andrew feed his fish from his hand, with such good friends.

Having these runs on warm days, without much warning, just driven by the good weather, really works, for those available to be there.

It was a good excuse to give my newly restored TR2, a descent run, and it got me home, with another list of fine tuning jobs still to do, even after a hundred miles these are still required, if you want to have a good running car. Please keep a check on our Web site to confirm, our outings.


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