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January 3rd Meeting

January 3rd Meeting

The cold dry weather over Christmas has kept us all away from our cars, but the get together's we had in December helped us all to stay in touch. Several of our regular members were unable to come to the meeting, due to the dreaded "Cold", and we all wished them well and a quick recovery.

There was a lot of discussion about our outing list for 2017, and we had some new suggestions given; this list will be put on the Webb site when we have more details.

The AGM time has again come around and it was decided to have it on our next meeting night, the 7th of February, anyone wishing to have a try at any of the Club positions, please give it some thought.

Martin was the only one to have been brave enough to work on his engines, over Christmas, as he wants to replace his TR2 engine with another, due to an elusive knock on it.

My second TR2 is now ready for its Hood fitting, as all the other jobs are completed, but it's just too cold for this type of job to be done. If the snow stays away, I will try to give the car a few miles of running, but I do not want to spoil the paintwork with road salt.

Hope you have all had a good Christmas and you will have a Happy New Year.


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