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Jan.15: LVG 2017 Kick-Off Lunch
(Note last minute change of venue to The Royal Oak, Stevenage)

Royal Oak,
24 Walkern Road,
(Tel: 01438 354300)

The kitchen at The Crown, Shillington is being modernised with more up-to-date cookers and should have been finished by Friday. Unfortunately, the gas meter and supply pipes have to be re-sited for the new equipment so they are at the mercy of British Gas. There is no way they will be up and running for a couple of weeks, so the Kick-Off Lunch will be at one of their other pubs, The Royal Oak, Stevenage. So if anyone was thinking of dropping in just for a chat and a pint, that's where we will be.

Not to be confused with the Christmas Lunch (on Sunday, 11th December), here at last are the details of the New Year Kick-Off Lunch.

2017 Kick-Off Lunch

As has become TRaditional, LVG will be commencing the New Year with an 'away game' and this year we have chosen to return to The Crown at Shillington. The pub has changed ownership since last year's very successful Kick-Off, so we have considered alternative venues. However, we have carried out extensive testing (a tough job, but someone has to do it) and have every confidence that this year will be as good. As well as the Sticky Toffee Pudding, I can personally recommend not only the Scotch Egg, but also the Buffalo Chicken Wings starters. The restaurant area is larger than many other pubs considered and although we have provisionally booked 20 places, The Crown can cater for up to 40 (last year we had over 30) but we need to confirm numbers very quickly.

Like last year, we will be keeping things simple by having a tailored, fixed-price menu (see attached) and ordering in advance. Last year, we had a fixed price of £25 per person that included a donation of £5 to The Pepper Foundation charity, which is based in Tring and works in conjunction with the Rennie Grove Hospice Care to provide care and support to families of critically or terminally ill children. This year, we will again support The Pepper Foundation but the charitable donation is optional. The fixed cost of the meal is £20 per person with the optional charity donation being whatever you decide - please be generous if you do decide to contribute. A welcome drink will be provided from club funds using vouchers which will be handed to members on arrival, but subsequent drinks will have to be paid for individually.

Please book early to ensure we make this a really good start to the year. LVG has enough members to potentially fill the restaurant if you commit early. The menu is attached.

Please send your meal selections and cheques for £20 per person plus any charity donation to:

Brian Chidwick (KOL2017), 11 Coppice Mead, Stotfold, Hitchin, Herts SG5 4JX

Cheques should be made payable to "TR Register Lea Valley Group".
Deadline for payment is Saturday 31st December.

If anyone has any queries regarding dishes or special dietary requirements/allergies, they should contact Luis direct ( and he will confirm whether or not a chosen dish contains anything of concern or suggest an alternative. Contact details:

The Crown Shillington
104 High Road, Shillington,
Hitchin, Herts SG5 3LP
01462 711667

Regards, BrianC



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