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Feb.4: LVG Committee Meeting

Feb.19: LVG Sunday Lunchtime Meeting/AGM (Mount Pleasant Golf Club, Stondon)

Please see AGM calling notice below from Pierre. The AGM is very much a social event and is an ideal opportunity for new members and those who cannot regularly attend group meetings to not only hear what has been happening and what is planned for the forthcoming year, but to get to know those running the club and contribute their own ideas for events. We have had several members make their first visit to the group at previous AGMs and they are now regular active members. Don't be shy - we are a friendly bunch.

Please remember to bring your TR Register membership card in accordance with TRR rules if you wish to vote on any items .

TRR LVG: Notice for the AGM on 19 Feb

Dear LVG Member

As you will know, we have our AGM planned for our next meeting, on 19 February, with the agenda as follows:

1: Confirmation of minutes of previous AGM

2: Group Leader's Report

3: Treasurer's Report

4: Group Awards (Bent Con Rod Trophy and Best Newcomer Car Award)

5: Election of Officers and Committee

6: Plans for 2017

7: AOB

(Finger buffet to follow)

You will see that one of the items involves confirmation of the draft minutes of the last AGM. If you do not have a copy, please review the version located at the following location on the LVG area of the TR Register website:

You will also see that one of the agenda items refers to the election of the committee and officers. If any TRR member wishes to be considered to join the committee, please contact Pierre Miles before 4 February, when the current committee will be holding its final meeting.

Finally, PLEASE note that the AGM will be at the Mount Pleasant Golf Club at Lower Stondon (SG16 6JL) and not at The Cock Inn.

Best regards to all

Pierre Miles

Mar.5: TR Register Group Leaders Meeting

Mar.19: LVG Sunday Lunchtime Meeting

Mar.31-Apr.2: Practical Classics Restoration Show, NEC Birmingham.

Apr.5: LVG Wednesday Evening Meeting

Apr.16: LVG Sunday Lunchtime Meeting

Apr.23: National FBHVC Drive it Day

Apr.28-30: Donington Park Historic Festival

Apr.28-30: CACCC Springing Up Tour (Cirencester)

May 3:LVG Wednesday Evening Meeting

May 6: Nostalgia Forum Film Show, Albury, Herts

May 13 :LVG Cars on Ramps, Robsport (TBC)

May 21: LVG Sunday Lunchtime Meeting

Jun.7: LVG Wednesday Evening Meeting

Jun.18: LVG Sunday Lunchtime Meeting

Jun.25: CACCC Tibbles Tour

Jun.18: Standard Triumph Marque Day, Santa Pod

Jun.24-25: Bicester Flywheel Festival

Jul.5: LVG Wednesday Evening Meeting

Jul.5: Classics in the Walled Garden, Luton Hoo

Jul.7-9: TRR International Weekend, Malvern

Jul.16: LVG Sunday Lunchtime Meeting

Jul.28-30: Silverstone Classic

Aug.2: LVG Wednesday Evening Meeting

Aug.10: RNLI Classic Vehicle Meeting, Pirton

Aug.20: LVG Sunday Lunchtime Meeting

Sep.6: LVG Wednesday Evening Meeting

Sep.8-10: Goodwood Revival

Sep.17: LVG Sunday Lunchtime Meeting

Sep.25-28: CACCC Falling Down Tour (IoW)

Oct.15: LVG Sunday Lunchtime Meeting

Oct.22: Autumn Restoration Show, Stoneleigh

Nov.4: TR Register Annual General Meeting

Nov.10-12: NEC Classic Motorshow, Birmingham.

Nov.19: LVG Sunday Lunchtime Meeting

Dec.17: LVG Sunday Lunchtime Meeting

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