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Events with an 'official' Lea Valley Group presence are shown in bold type.Please let me know of any other events that may be of interest to members and I will include them, plus others that I hear about.

Please contact Paul Richardson if you have queries about any of these events.

"We don't expect members to do all of the events, just good to give them the choice!!!"- Paul

Note: Monthly lunchtime meeting dates are always on the third Sunday.


Dec.17: LVG Sunday Lunchtime Meeting (Christmas Lunch)

[Update 11//12/2017]

For those not already aware, the Christmas Lunch booked for Sunday 10th was unfortunately postponed due to snow.

We had a phone call from Nick at The Cock yesterday morning. It was snowing heavily and the roads around Broom were already quite deep. Whilst it may have been possible to get in, if it kept snowing for a few more hours we may not have been able to get out. Nick has suggested that we can reschedule for next Sunday and although this may not suit everyone, it was probably wise to avoid any unfortunate incidents in unnecessary travel. So, having discussed briefly with Pierre we reluctantly decided to do this. So the usual 'Third Sunday' meeting is back on and I will confirm Christmas Lunch booking arrangements via email in a few days. Unfortunately a few that had booked for Sunday 10th are unable to attend on the 17th, so please let me know as soon as possible if you would be interested in taking their places. - BrianC



Jan.1: LVG New Year's Day Drive (Destination TBA)

Jan.7: Bicester Scramble

Jan.21: LVG Kick-Off Lunch & AGM

Feb.6: LVG Committee Meeting

Feb.18: LVG Sunday Lunchtime Meeting

Mar.18: LVG Sunday Lunchtime Meeting

Apr.4: LVG Wednesday Evening Meeting

Apr.7: LVG Cars on Ramps at Robsport (Note this is a Saturday)

Apr.15: LVG Sunday Lunchtime Meeting

Apr.20-22: CACCC Springing-Up Tour (SU2018)

Apr.22: LVG FBHVCC Drive-It-Day (Destination TBA)

May 2: LVG Wednesday Evening Meeting

May 20: LVG Sunday Lunchtime Meeting

May 26: Deal Classsic Motor Show (Note this is a Saturday)

Jun.5-13: LVG members on trip to Honfleur and the Loire Valley

Jun.6: LVG Wednesday Evening Meeting

Jun.17: LVG Sunday Lunchtime Meeting

Jun.29-Jul.1: TR Register International Weekend

Jul.4: LVG Wednesday Evening Meeting

Jul.15: LVG Sunday Lunchtime Meeting

Aug.1: LVG Wednesday Evening Meeting

Aug.19: LVG Sunday Lunchtime Meeting

Sep.5: LVG Wednesday Evening Meeting

Sep.16: LVG Sunday Lunchtime Meeting

Oct.21: LVG Sunday Lunchtime Meeting

Nov.18: LVG Sunday Lunchtime Meeting

Dec.16: LVG Sunday Lunchtime Meeting

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