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A message from the TR Register's Board of Directors.

The TR Register Forum is a hugely important element of our car club, not only as a means for existing members to seek help and advice from each other, but also as a resource for new or potential members wishing to discover more about the club and our vehicles.

However, over the past few months, there has been an increasing level of complaints received by both the moderating team and the office. Those complaints have included members unhappy with the type of content being posted by some users and the attitude of some forum users to each other. All this has been publicly viewable to new and potential members. The issue has escalated to the point where a number of existing members have not renewed their membership of the club, citing content and attitudes published on the forum as their reason for leaving.

In the modern world of communication, there is ample opportunity for members wishing to discuss certain matters, to do so amongst themselves in private, without having to bring a respected club into disrepute by publishing content unfit for a car club website.

As a result, the Board of Directors were forced to discuss these issues at our last board meeting and have subsequently come to the difficult decision to remove the "At the Bar" section of the TR Register Forum and instruct the moderators to remove all other non-technical conversations from outside of the Members Chat area - with immediate effect.

Those not adhering to the forum rules and guidelines, will also be issued temporary and permanent bans from posting.

This is a decision that the Board of Directors has not taken lightly.

There will be further developments to the TR Register Forum, in 2018, that our team are working on to improve the platform and integrate into the members login of the website, removing the need for multiple user accounts. The new platform will also bring with it improved functions for publishing photos for example.

The technical assistance that the TR Register's Forum offers is second to none and so that powerful resource should be allowed to flourish and develop in a way that properly represents what the TR Register Car Club stands for - enjoying our cars and keeping them on the road. We urge all forum users to again familiarise themselves with the rules and guidance notes published under the help section and to ensure conversations remain supportive and polite.

Regards, The TR Register Board of Directors

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